About Me

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geosciences at Colorado State University. I am an Earth Scientist interested in understanding how landscapes evolve on a range of spatial and temporal scales. My research interests lie at the intersection of process-based geomorphology, active tectonics, natural hazards, geochemistry, structural geology, and geodynamics.┬áMy projects are multidisciplinary integrating detailed field studies, quantitative analysis of digital topography, geochronology, numerical modeling, and laboratory and data analysis. I am currently working on topics such as the development of topography above subduction zones, the influence of “extreme events” (e.g. large earthquakes, hurricanes) on continental erosion and sediment transport, and the co-evolution of landscapes and aquatic species.

My colleague, Ananta Gajurel (left) from Tribhuvan University, and me (right) discussing coseismic landslides in the Trisuli valley, Dhunche, Nepal.